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Feature Film Sound Mixing Theater

All mixing formats : 5.1 - 7.1 - 9.1 and DOLBY ATMOS




Specially designed for Dolby ATMOS 

In December 2013, Creative Sound - Paris opened their new Dolby ATMOS auditorium.

Designed from the ground up with an acoustic by Michel DELUC for Dolby ATMOS,

with forty-five speakers, the auditorium is equipped, with the first native console in the world designed

specifically for Dolby ATMOS : the Harrison MPC5.



2 operators, 80 faders

1024 I/O and 288 channels

Equipped with a SOUNDMASTER system

with satellite link synchronisation and a full and

easy to use autoconform solution for the console

Up to 4 Protools HDX2 machine

with 512 tracks 128 io each

Equiped with Bricasti high-end reverb processor

with a total of 45 speakers JBL system

for 42 discret channels


ROOM SIZE 39,3 ft × 27,6 ft × 15,41 ft / 100m² - 470m3

SCREEN SIZE 23,95 ft × 13 ft / 7.30m

Barco Dp 2K 8s projector, with DCP Doremi IMS 1000